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HLA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING SATURDAY 1st JUNE10:30 AM COMMERCE ROAD COMMUNITY CENTRE, WOOD GREEN N22 8EP Dear Leaseholder, It's time for our Annual General Meeting once again.

Letter-writing campaign on doors and windows

Next Tuesday 10th November Haringey Council Cabinet will meet to discuss a report that will remove leaseholders right to install their own windows and doors. The HLA has been fighting hard on your behalf to get this proposal reconsidered and will be present at the meeting to try and put your case. Right now we need your help with a letter-writing campaign to make Councillors realise the depth of feeling on this issue.




Deputation to Council meeting re doors and windows

Hello everyone


We need signatures on our deputation request to the Council meeting next week. This is our chance to talk in person to the Councillors taking the decision. You never know there may be some minds that can be changed. We have to have ten signatures and we need them by 10 am tomorrow Wednesday 4th November. So if you can help please do. This is an issue that affects leaseholders right across the borough.

AGM Agenda, Accounts and AGM minutes from last time

As this will be our first virtual AGM it may be difficult for everyone to review documents. So we are making them available here. Please find attached the the accounts up until the end of this financial year. The last AGM minutes are available on our 'minutes' page (28.9.18) and the agenda is below:





'No' to sky-high bills in a recession

The HLA has begun to see concern from leaseholders in estates that had been scheduled for demolition under the infamous 'Haringey Development Vehicle' plan and which still require large investment to bring them up to standard.

HfH fire doors policy contested by leaseholders

For well over a year now leaseholders have been voicing increasing concern about problems within HfH’s fire door replacement programme. The high and variable cost, the vagueness of surveyt and the lack of clarity over the timetable have all been raised by the HLA on behalf of leaseholders. Unfortunately the Asset Management officer in charge of the programme failed to attend the one meeting HfH have allowed to go ahead on this topic. No action has since been taken to progress the promised follow-up meeting. Once again HfH’s approach to consultation has been exposed as deficient.

HLA campaign to keep right for leaseholders to install their own windows

It is all the more important that leaseholders’ views on fire door safety be taken into account now that HfH are proposing to scrap the policy that allowed leaseholders to replace their own doors and windows under certain reasonable conditions if they felt this was a better option for them than leaving it to HfH. This concession was only won after a hard-fought campaign by the HLA back in 2008 and the HLA won’t stand by while it is scrapped unnecessarily. Fire safety is obviously important, even paramount, but that doesn’t mean that common sense should be thrown out of the window.

Leaseholder consultation in freefall

Nothing sums up HfH’s failed approach to consultation better than the continuing debacle at the Leasehold Panel. Officially renamed the Leasehold Improvement Forum in 2018 it has met only sporadically since then. It has never had a clear operating procedure, its minutes are unsatisfactory, its agenda is completely controlled by HfH officers and the thorny question of its independent chairing has been totally neglected by HfH. The HLA is now in the process of making an official complaint about this scandalous matter.

Update on Information Tribunal

Nick Martin-Clark, the acting secretary of the HLA,continues to be involved in an effort at the Information Tribunal to obtain disclosure of the details of the RSP report that led to the HLA's derecognition in 2014. The Information Tribunal matter is currently part heard.

HLA petition for restoration of Leasehold Panel

At the recent General Meeting 28 signatures were added to the HLA's petition to HfH for the previous Leasehold Panel to be restored. The text of the petition reads as follows:


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